Save time, money and hassle by using Shoeboxed to track your receipts. It works the way you do.
Phone – There is a free mobile application for iPhone, iPad and Android.
Email – Forward your email receipts to your shoeboxed acount
Magic Envelopes – Just stuff the receipts in the envelope and send it of
Browser – Clip and submit receipts instantly from any browser
Computer – Scan and upload from your computer
It takes the pain out of keeping track of your receipts


If you need an easy way to generate invoices or Invoice Online & Get Paid Faster you want a basic way to track your small business expenses yourself, freshbooks is for you. Freshbooks lets you track and bill time, send invoices quickly and easily and set up to receive online payments fast and easy. You can also read my review here for more information

Sweet Process

An easy way to document all those repetitive tasks so that you can delegate to your team and focus on growing your business. Sweet Process allows you create a procedure using text, screen shots or video to detail your processes. Delegate to your team and track the process.

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