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I want to give you my
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The Most Successful People I Know Face The Hard Things

Father time is a bastard. I plan to fight him tooth and nail……..but I know my odds. We go about our lives on a daily basis trying not to think about that. Trying not to talk about it. But the truth is we all have an invisible clock above our heads counting down to the inevitable. Its a tough topic …

How To Say I Love You With Two Books

It happened again. God poking me in the shoulder. Reminding me of the things I have left undone. Do I need to get to the point where it becomes a swift kick to the rear end? This needs to be fixed. It’s not like I haven’t tried. More than once I have started with a valiant effort, and even sustained …

Why My Friends Think I Have Lost My Mind

I could blame it on the jet lag……..or the SERIOUS lack of sleep. But now that I am comfortably readjusted to my time zone and fully caught up on sleep, I’d say I would do it again. It was amazing. But I have to admit that I thought it was crazy too when I first heard people willingly jumped in …


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