The Most Successful People I Know Face The Hard Things

Father time is a bastard. I plan to fight him tooth and nail……..but I know my odds.

We go about our lives on a daily basis trying not to think about that. Trying not to talk about it. But the truth is we all have an invisible clock above our heads counting down to the inevitable. Its a tough topic to face. But I wish that we were more comfortable talking about this.

My hope is that someday, a long long time from now, I wake up dead. The day before that fateful day I am living and loving life. Many people dream this dream. Few live it. Reality is a bitch.

If I can’t have this dream, then I want to have a future that isn’t a burden to my family or society. That might sound harsh. But let me explain. When my kids were younger, I told them that they could make whatever choice they wanted about their future, with one exception. As adults they weren’t allowed to be a burden to me or society. I meant it as an empowering statement. The world was open to them in whatever way they wanted it to be. There wasn’t a prescribed path that I expected them to follow.

But freedom to choose has a price. The person making the choice must bear the consequences of that choice to have the expectation to reap the rewards.

Just as I expected my kids to be responsible, I expect the same for myself. Which means having plans for my future and whatever challenges that brings. Maybe I will be struck by some tragedy that couldn’t be predicted or planned for, I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about having a plan for the most likely scenarios. And it’s most likely that father time will remain undefeated.

I have seen how planning or lack of planning has effected those left behind. And I have seen great plans destroyed because they were never really discussed, and therefore never carried out. My solution to this is the Big Book. The book that has the map for someone to pick up where I left off in the event of one of the two big “Ds” – Death or Disability.

I’m doing this for myself, and my family. And while it might sound like a lot of drudgery, I am finding it freeing. Because if I have my financial and legal shit together, I won’t be creating a burden for someone else that rightly belongs to me. And I am free to make my own choices about my future.

So I am giving myself assignments and putting things together in a way that will be super easy for anyone to follow. I am making videos about the process so you can follow along and work on this too.  I’ll have worksheets you can download to make the process easier.

Here is the first, in the series.

If you want the worksheets and to be notified when I have new videos out, you can sign up here.



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